Pantone recently released their 2018 color of the year and let me just say this is a bold pick! Of course, I loved the daring 2017 Greenery color (check out our logo) but this new one will take some getting used to for me. Pantone’s Ultra Violet, or as I nicknamed it, “Polarizing Purple,” is one of those colors where you either love it or hate it. There is no in between. No grey area– pun slightly intended.

This shade of purple is supposed to invoke a feeling of creativity and spark the imagination. When using Ultra Violet for home décor and design, you are going to need to tap into that creativity as it’s not an easy color to work with like blue. Have no fear though as it can be done in a tasteful, sophisticated way. Like with any new trend, don’t let it take over your home and keep the integration to a minimum.

Use as an Accent
Add some flair to the room with accent pieces such as a vase, pillow or lamp. Even on the right house, a front door can achieve purple perfection.

Pair it with soft tones of pink, blue and more purple!
Mix it in with muted colors for an effortlessly chic look. Sometimes using a lot of color can be an overload for the eyes but done in the right way, it can have that dramatic effect you are looking for.

Many have asked me “Tamara, will you be using it in your home?” I can’t say that I’ll be redecorating with this purple any time soon, but it would be nice to come home to a vase full of Ultra Violet roses, hydrangea or orchids (hint hint to my husband). Check out our Tamara Kucik Team Pinterest page for more inspiration and design ideas. How will you use Ultra Violet in your home?

— Tamara