My House is Worth What?

Your home is likely to be your single largest asset, and you want to sell for as much as possible.

You may have a number in mind, and you’ve almost certainly looked at what Zillow has to say about their home’s value, the “Zestimate.” In the majority of cases, Zillow’s Zestimates for DC Metro area homes are on the low side, but sometimes they are too high.  In  nutshell, Zillow or any automated valuation tool is going to be hit or miss. With access to so much information online, it becomes difficult for a homeowner to navigate to the right number. That’s where the expertise of an experienced Realtor© comes in.

We base your home’s asking price on recent comparable sales, active listings, and our experienced knowledge of the neighborhood. The suggested asking price will place you in a competitive range, then the basic supply/demand forces of the market make adjustments based on demand at that moment in time and the market sets the sold price.  Every neighborhood, season, and home have nuances that must be considered.

Take, for example, a 2016 sale of a home in Forest Estates, Silver Spring. The “Zestimate” placed the house at $373K.  But when we researched recently sold homes in the neighborhood (as well as those that were on the market and not selling), we came to a different conclusion.

With a good bit of pre-market advertising, meticulous preparation and our professional stagers on deck, we brought this home to the market at $379K. The market forces did their thing  and, the house sold for $400K- more than $20K over asking price! A number of factors contributed to the ultimate sale price, not the least of which was location –  but careful preparation, professional staging and a solid marketing plan are always key.  And it’s not a one size fits all plan — every home is different, and we personalize our plan to suit the market, your home, and you!

We were so impressed with her warmth and professionalism that when we did get serious about buying, she was the first realtor we contacted. Stacey was patient and thoughtful, giving us the benefit of her knowledge and experience every step along the way.

— Airen Hall February 14, 2017