We value our strong connection to the communities we serve. That’s why we plan events to help our neighbors. Our most popular events comes in the spring and fall, when we turn our attention to a good cleaning, a seasonal turn of closets, and clearing of unwanted possessions.

Donate, Dump and Shred

A clean and organized home isn’t just nice to look at, it’s good for your health.  Twice a year, we help our clients, neighbors and friends to clear the clutter and donate to a worthy cause at our Donate, Dump and Shred event. Are you hanging onto old bank and credit card statements? Patriot Shredding will shred them – securely, and on the spot.  Can you donate some usable items on A Wider Circle’s wishlist? Please do  – A Wider Circle will hand you a receipt for your tax write-off. And junk? We’ve got a dump truck for all of it (except paint, hazardous waste, and construction debris).

So clean out your closets, basements and sheds. Go through the file cabinet. Lighten your load, and bring it to Donate, Dump and Shred. Then reward yourself with a cup of Starbucks Coffee and a delicious homemade donut from Woodmoor Bakery.

Our next Donate, Dump and Shred event:

Saturday, March 11th

Argyle Park
1030 Forest Glen Road
Silver Spring, MD 20901

We were so impressed with her warmth and professionalism that when we did get serious about buying, she was the first realtor we contacted. Stacey was patient and thoughtful, giving us the benefit of her knowledge and experience every step along the way.

— Airen Hall February 14, 2017