As a Realtor®, we may wear many hats– designer, engineer, contractor, lawyer, plumber, therapist, accountant. We are by no means licensed to practice these professions but we may from time to time offer our thoughts in these areas and direct people to the individuals who can provide the right answers. It is in our nature to help. Outstanding customer service is what makes or breaks our business.
Every year we evaluate our service for our clients. What did they like? What did they want? What helped them? What happened that led to their success?  Based on our findings, we may shift focus, change strategies and/or boost certain areas of performance. With that idea in mind, we are rolling out for 2018 our One Step Closer program. This suite of services provides our buyers and sellers alike the opportunity to be one step closer to closing on a home ahead of their competition — quickly, seamlessly, and with less headaches.
Through One Step Closer’s Signature Homes program, our sellers’ homes are more than ready to sell. We provide a thorough analysis of the local market, identify and assess value, coordinate all aspects of prepping and staging, plus expertly craft the home’s promotion with the utmost professionalism. One of my favorite aspects of a Tamara Kucik Team Signature Home is that it has already been inspected before it becomes active. According to Graham Wood of the National Association of Realtors, “Homes that have a pre-listing inspection generally sell faster and have fewer inspection-related issues to negotiate, enabling a smoother transaction.” Sellers no longer need to be nervous about what could be found by the buyer’s inspection which could cause the sale to fall apart. Buyers feel more confident in the state of the home and will in turn make a stronger offer.  Good offers make for happy, confident sellers and good houses make for happy, satisfied buyers.
Our buyer-focused Signature Home program aims to support our buyers before, during and long after the home buying process is complete. It helps our buyers understand all of the ins and outs of what it means to buy a home so that they are legally aware of their and the seller’s responsibilities. Through our preferred partnerships, we are able to leverage their assets and construct offers that beat out the competition in a multiple offer situation. Our services continue post-settlement. We stay in touch and are available to our clients by providing additional resources such as our recommended database of licensed contractors to use when/if estimates, repairs, and upgrades are needed. 
I am very excited about the One Step Closer program. I recently did a soft launch of the program this month with one listing and it was a major success. Details of that quick sale in a later blog post. Call your Tamara Kucik Team Realtor® today to learn more details about how the One Step Closer program will get you one step closer to buying or selling a home.