A new year brings with it a feeling of change: a fresh start — a reflection on your past year — a plan of how you want the future to look.

As I sit here and look back on 2017, I see so much has happened that if I didn’t take this moment to think about it, I might not have realized all of the changes, successes and improvements! Our team grew with the addition of Ashley Veith, Ryan Rigazzi, Rob Suggs and Colleen Conner. We successfully expanded our services into Kensington and Bethesda. We shredded 2 tons of paper at our Donate, Dump and Shred event in October. Photographers, brochures and staging were fine-tuned. And of course, I met so many wonderful people along the way whether it was clients, service providers, new partners or other agents.

One of my favorite moments of 2017 was working working with the family of a 90 year old woman who was moving to a retirement community. She had 3 sons of her own who didn’t live close by, however, she was right down the street from me. I spent more time than the usual amount helping her with the decluttering process and the overall downsize. She had 60 years worth of items that was really hard to sort through. I brought in a local school that took a lot of craft supplies off her hands (her husband had been an artist before he passed away). The house was chock full of memories. We often met to discuss business and ended up talking about food. We both love to eat good food! We developed a lovely friendship beyond our work relationship. Her house was bought by a young family with small children – one of which was a budding artist. It gave my client great joy to see the house go to a family that was much like hers when she had bought the home. I was honored to be a part of selling her home and I cherish the friendship we maintain today.

Of course not every story from 2017 warms the heart. Some downright brought tears to my eyes and a sting to my nose. I sold a property that had been an abused rental property. The tenants picked up and moved out, leaving the house in shambles and with lots of awful debris. I was unsure if the utilities were on or off and knew I needed to check. Here is your warning to skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want to be totally grossed out. I figured if I just opened the refrigerator door, the fridge light would tell me if the utilities were off. The interior light did not come on — good news!….or so I thought as it turns out the utilities had been off for a month and the food in the fridge…..well, it had also been sitting for a month. The smell sent the toughest of the work crew running for the door! I learned a valuable lesson from this experience. Don’t test the utilities by opening the fridge if you are not fully prepared to be greeted with what could be lurking inside.

2018 brings a lot of exciting change for the Tamara Kucik Team. As of yesterday, January 2, we officially joined TowerHill Realty in Bethesda. Why did we make the move and how did we choose TowerHill as our place to land? For starters, TowerHill maintains many of the same values and vision for our craft. As real estate agents, we are now competing with companies where the agent is a commodity alongside the latest technology. Technology does have it’s place, but we provide more than comparables and a warm body at an open house. We are trusted advisors and we take our role in representing our clients’ interests very seriously. We are experienced, we are ethical, and we care about out clients. TowerHill Realty is building a brokerage where we have an opportunity to grow a company comprised of agents who share these values. And in turn, we may be a force for positive change in the industry. To be able to continue to offer a client first approach, we are a solid example of being able to work in a sales business and yet still hold true to our core values.

Cheers to the New Year! Cheers to TowerHill! Cheers to my team of hardworking and dedicated agents. Much to look forward to and I’m excited for you to go on this journey with me.