Your home is likely your most valuable asset. Deciding to sell your home is a major decision, whether you’re moving to another state or just down the road. You want the best price for your house, and you also want the process to go smoothly and quickly, without any surprises at the closing table. That’s why I often arrange a pre-sale inspection.
A pre-sale inspection is similar to a buyer’s home inspection. It is a professional inspection of your home’s major systems, such as HVAC, roofing, and electrical, and provides you with a detailed report. Armed with knowledge, you have the time to consider any repairs or upgrades before the house hits the market. You’ll also have time to bid the repair job to several contractors, avoiding a premium in the estimate.
Some sellers are resistant to the pre-sale inspection because they’ll need to disclose issues found in the inspection. In reality, issues identified during a pre-sale inspection will be discovered by the buyer’s inspector. Those issues can slow down the transaction, or even cancel it. My pre-sale inspections usually result in the seller’s advantage; I can often justify a higher price for your home.
A pre-sale inspection can be a powerful marketing tool, giving buyer’s assurance that the home is in good condition, and the seller has confidence in the integrity of their home. Soon, it may soon be the norm in the DC area. Whether you’re thinking of selling now or in the future, give me a call so we can schedule your free consultation.