Snowzilla? Snowmageddon II? Whatever you call it, that was quite a snowstorm. It was, officially, a blizzard, and it dumped more snow on us than Snowmageddon did in 2010. Today, the yardstick on my front lawn reads 22″.

Nevertheless, I’ve got Spring on my mind. With the Spring real estate market gaining traction, I’m preparing my clients NOW for the Spring market, which will be in full swing before you know it. Being snowbound allows lots of time to be cleaning and prepping.

If you’re thinking of selling, here are some tips for cleaning up and staging your home to show it in its best light:

Banish the clutter – Even in the cabinets and drawers. I’ve seen potential buyers open cabinets and drawers in bathrooms and kitchens – and, they’ll definitely open the closets. They’re looking for storage space. Simply put, storage space sells homes. You probably have three vegetable peelers and a bunch of other gadgets you’re not using. Old lipsticks and travel sized toiletries? Let’s get them out.

Knickknacks are clutter – I love all your figurines, I really do. But move them into storage. I can help you choose and arrange a few decorative items for staging your home. We’ll open up your space and make it appear larger – and less personalized for your buyers.

Remove some furniture – I’ve removed up to half the furniture from my client’s homes. It does wonders to make the house appear larger.

Store family photos – Remember that a potential buyers want to envision themselves living in the home. As you’ve done with the collectibles and knick-knacks, put family photos in storage.

Fresh paint – light colors – A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color opens the space and makes it appear larger and well-maintained. I’m loving the cool crisp palettes that are all the rage. Our team has an interior designer on staff to help choose the perfect color scheme for highlighting your home’s features.

Transform a room – We all have a room that tends to accumulate junk. Can we call it a bedroom? I’m calling it a bedroom. We’ll decorate it accordingly. Or, we’ll create a cozy and inviting home office/meditation room/reading nook. Clean it out – I’ll help with the rest.

The kids and the dogs are sledding and having a ball. I’m warming up from a few hours of shoveling. I doubt the kids will have school for a while. Perhaps we can pare down some of the toys and books and stuff they’ve accumulated. Then, I’ll help you, too.

Once I’ve cleaned and decluttered and my clients have too, we’ll get together at Argyle Park for my next community event: Donate, Dump and Shred Day on Saturday, March 12th. You can read more about it here. All are welcome – we’ll have Woodmoor donuts and Starbucks coffee!

Stay warm and safe, friends.

– Tamara